M. Gordon – About Me

Moshe Gordon, Ready-Made and Paper Artist.

Moshe Gordon
Moshe Gordon

Born 1949 in Ramle, Israel. Now Lives and Creates in Mitzpe-Ramon.

1979 – 1983 Founder and manager of the Glass Art School in Tel-Aviv.

1988 – 1993 Co-founder of the Art boarding school in Mitzpe-Ramon.

From a young age I was exposed to the abstract and to the Ready-Made  (aka: “Found-Object”).

In my youth, I drew and sculpted, using anything I could put my hands on: Fabrics, metals, plastics… anything and everything.

In the ’80s I focused on glass art and since the early ’90s I deal mainly with paper, and lots of it: Folding, rolling and creasing.

After experimenting with other materials, I found that paper is the ultimate for me, as it is the best material in the creator’s hand, being submissive and not requiring strength and muscle.

As we grow and become a digital society, books and encyclopedias are more and more done with and thrown out, unneeded. I take them back in, liberate them from the horror of becoming dead waste under pounding blades, and give them some extra life span, this time – as artworks.

My work develops intuitively, without preliminary sketches.

The process can be endless and somewhat of a Sisyphean work… until I feel it is ready.

I find my sources of inspiration mostly in John Cage and in the “Wabi-Sabi” approach, which speaks of the elegance of simplicity and the beauty of the imperfect, the incomplete and the ephemeral. It is the simple beauty of modest, simple things.

The combination of John Cage and Wabi-Sabi, gives me the opportunity and freedom to decide, do, and stand behind my works.

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