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ToHu VaBoHu (Chaos)

ToHu VaBoHu (Chaos)
ToHu VaBoHu (Chaos)

M. Gordon, ToHu VaBoHu (Chaos), 2020, 80X120X5 cm , 35± Kg , Paper (in a wooden frame).

תֹהוּ וָבֹהוּ הוא ביטוי עברי מקראי הנמצא בנרטיב הבריאה, המופיע בתחילת ספר בראשית כחלק מסיפור מקראי המתאר כיצד נברא העולם על ידי האלוהים
הכאוס טומן בחובו פחד שאם מתבוננים בו מקרוב – מוביל לתשוקה

“And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” (Book of Genesis, 1, 2)
ToHu VaBoHu (Chaos), is a biblical Hebrew expression found in the creation narrative, which appears at the beginning of Genesis as part of a biblical story that describes how the world was created by God.
In chaos there is a hidden fear, being observed carefuly – found as a desire. (me)

Chaos is available for purchase at Saatchi Art

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Homage to John Cage Sculpture by Moshe Gordon

Sculpture: Paper, Paper mache, Resin, Environmental, Color on Paper, Cardboard.

John Cage is one of my inspirational fathers and this work is dedicated to him.
I used Schumann’s music score pages. – above the notes – a layer of Bible pages from “Proverbs”, interspersed with five gilded Mozart candy packaging pages, and, above all, pages taken from the Sotheby’s catalog.
The work is coated with crystal material that protects against moisture and (UV) radiation damage. The work is glued to the back of a High density double sides grey cardboard and ready to be hung.

Homage to John Cage Sculpture by Moshe Gordon
Homage to John Cage

Mediums:Paper, Paper mache, Resin, PaperCardboard

Size: 50 W x 80 H x 2 cm

Available for purchase on Saatchi Art

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Past Various I

Various art works I made in the past.

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Gordon’s Hearts Boulevard

For my 2020 Catalogue, Here I am proud to present my paper made brooches.

Art and Fashion, Paper Brooches, Brooches and Pins, Jewelry

The brooches are hand-made, making each of them – unique and one of a kind piece!

The jewels are made from papers that were originally of various art catalogs.

The brooches are coated with protective translucent layer of crystalline material, which ensures the jewelry for lengthy wear while enduring any weather conditions such as moisture and sun rays.

The brooches attached using a magnet!

Different shapes and sizes available!

Worldwide shipping available!

Att: Some items above may have already been sold!